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Fashion Fact Friday: Eyelet Dresses

Posted by Sylver Penney on Jul 26th 2013

eyelet dress 2

One of the biggest on going trends, especially around summer time is the eyelet dress.  It is so simple and yet adds so much to a dress.  But have you ever wondered where the idea of eyelet comes from or where/ how it began?

That’s why we are here!

Eyelet fabrics are traditionally made of cotton in white or ivory, imparting a light and lacy feel to fashion. These days, eyelet fabrics are available in everything from heavy wool and polyester to silk and satin. Eyelet patterns can vary widely, but all are based on careful arrangements of sized and spaced holes to create a visual pattern. Eyelets can be interspersed with embroidered eleeyelet wedding dressments to increase design options.

It is estimated that this became a trend around the early 1700s, and was done handmade, to provide the best quality.

eyelet dress 1

Today, eyelet dresses are a big hit, and has lots of eyelet dresses and skirts.  They are very popular in sundresses, and wedding dresses like the three dresses shown here.

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