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Fashion Fact Friday: Pleat Style

Posted by Sylver Penney on Jun 28th 2013


beene pleated skirtPleats are very recognizable in all types of fashion.  Something I am sure not many people are aware of is the fact that there are multiple types of pleats.

Even though there are several types of pleats, the style called Gusset is actually not considered to be a pleat at all.  Though many would call it a pleat, something that is different between a pleat and a Gusset is the extra fabric that is added to make a Gusset.

missoni pleated skirt

The term “don’t bust a gusset” comes from this sewing term; a gusset in this contextwas usually a piece of fabric sewn between two others to increase mobility or increase the size of the pant waist, the latter being more common in the early 1900s.  Here are some examples of pleated items at

Pleats are a fun way to add a fun extra bit of style to your wardrobe this summer without adding on the extra heat. Good luck staying cool and chic this summer! Keep checking back with us at for more fashion tips or advice.


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