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Fun Fashion Fact Friday: Chanel Costume Jewelry

Posted by Natali on Oct 3rd 2014

With Halloween just around the corner, many vintage fashionistas may be on the lookout for costume jewelry to jazz up their costumes or even just add a little flair to everyday outfits. Did you know that Coco Chanel invented the idea of costume jewelry?

Costume Jewelry from Back In Style!

Costume Jewelry from Back In Style!

Her designs mixed real and fake stones and pearls to create Chanel costume jewelry. Chanel was introducing this idea around the time of the Great Depression, so fashionistas of the time were eager to find a more affordable type of jewelry other than the expensive investment pieces they were accustomed to.

In the early 20th century, “costume” referred to an “outfit”, so our perception of what is costume jewelry may differ a bit from what Chanel envisioned. Today, every time you put on a piece of fun jewelry, you are wearing what Chanel considered to be costume jewelry.

To complete your own “costume”, take a look at Back In Style’s jewelry section for tons a fabulous finds! From earrings to brooches, there is something for everyone!

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