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Fun Fashion Fact Friday: Leg warmers

Posted by Natali on Nov 14th 2014

80s-Leg-WarmersWhile we now know how to dress for the decade, why were fashionistas of the 1980s so obsessed with leg warmers? These comfortable accessories weren’t the most practical fashion statement, but they definitely made a unique fashion-toward impression.

Did you know that leg warmers concept wasn’t actually created in the 1980s? 80’s fashion loved the dance and fitness craze of the time, as seen in movies like Flashdance. Leg warmers traditionally were used by professional dancers to keep their legs warm in cold temperatures. These leg warmers were originally made only from wool, but once 80s fashionistas took notice, they started appearing in cotton and synthetic fiber blends.

Women of the 1980s wore leg warmers with everything, from miniskirts to jeans. They didn’t care if they actually knew how to dance or not, just sporting a cool pair of leg warmers was the hip thing to do. By the mid 80s, the leg warmer fad began to fade away, but it seems to be making a comeback among today’s teens.

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