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Fun Fashion Fact Friday: Valentines Day

Posted by Natali on Feb 13th 2015



Who knew that the holiday of love has a fashionable history? Though Valentines Day didn’t become an official holiday until the early 20th century, the traditions that come with the holiday began in the Middle Ages. Did you know that the phrase “Wear your heart on your sleeve” began as a Valentines Day tradition?

The Middle Age Valentines Day celebration included young men and women pulling out paper hearts from a bowl. The paper hearts had a name written on it. They would wear this heart pinned on their sleeves for a week heart and claim that person as their Valentine.

Valentines Day traditions have definitely changed a lot from this early tradition. Today, this one holiday is an industry in itself, with a dramatic $19 billion spent on the holiday. But the spirit of the holiday is the same, though people don’t literally wear their hearts on their sleeves anymore.

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