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The Vintage Fashionistas

Fun Fashion Fact Friday: Haute Hats

Posted by Natali on Nov 7th 2014

Kate Middleton sporting one of her many hats Our British friends can teach us a thing or two about style. For instance, hats are a chic way to make a fashion statement. But where did this tradition co … read more

Fun Fashion Fact Friday: Think Pink?

Posted by Natali on Oct 24th 2014

Vintage 1970s Lilly Pullitzer Pink & White Squirrel Shift Dress Did you know pink hasn’t always been a stereotypically “feminine”┬ácolor? The pink is for girls, and blue for boys … read more

Fun Fashion Fact Friday: Chanel Costume Jewelry

Posted by Natali on Oct 3rd 2014

With Halloween just around the corner, many vintage fashionistas may be on the lookout for costume jewelry to jazz up their costumes or even just add a little flair to everyday outfits. Did you know t … read more

Fun Fashion Fact Friday: High Heels

Posted by Natali on Sep 5th 2014

Do you know about the origins of your favorite shoe? The High Heel wasn’t always just for women. In fact, high heels were originally worn by both men and women. The lengthened heel gave men more … read more