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The Vintage Fashionistas

Fun Fashion Fact Friday: Valentines Day

Posted by Natali on Feb 13th 2015

Shutterstock Who knew that the holiday of love has a fashionable history? Though Valentines Day didn’t become an official holiday until the early 20th century, the traditions that come with the … read more

Posh & Professional: Bad Weather Blues

Posted by Natali on Jan 26th 2015

With a potentially record-breaking winter blizzard heading towards the Northeast this week, all fashionistas are very aware of the need to combine fashion with utility in these situations. Never fear, … read more

Magazine Monday: Fashion & Optical Illusions

Posted by Natali on Nov 16th 2014

  Who says fall fashion has to be dull? Hypnotizing prints are trending and can be worn in many different ways. Have fun with prints that double as an optical illusion. Check out the different p … read more

Fun Fashion Fact Friday: Haute Hats

Posted by Natali on Nov 7th 2014

Kate Middleton sporting one of her many hats Our British friends can teach us a thing or two about style. For instance, hats are a chic way to make a fashion statement. But where did this tradition co … read more