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The Vintage Fashionistas

Designer Spotlight: Betsey Johnson

Posted by Natali on Jan 12th 2015

Betsey Johnson has been America’s quirkiest fashion designer for a long time. Her edgy style rose in popularity in the late 1970s during the new wave era and is still popular today. Her brand is … read more

Style Icon: Olivia Palermo

Posted by Natali on Jan 8th 2015

The Vintage Fashionistas usually gush about style icons of the past. But what about today’s style icons? Olivia Palermo is an example of a modern-day style icon. Her style is simple, chic and al … read more

The Wardrobe Update: Quality vs Quantity

Posted by Natali on Jan 5th 2015

Looking to update your wardrobe in 2015? The Vintage Fashionistas are here to help with tips on the best way to maximize your closet for a happy and fashionable you! First tip in The Wardrobe Update i … read more

Fun Fashion Fact Friday: New Years Resolutions

Posted by Natali on Jan 2nd 2015

Happy New Year! Many people think of the new year as a time for change or a fresh start (one popular hashtag this week is #newyearnewme), which is why the tradition of new years resolution is so popul … read more