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The Vintage Fashionistas

Fun Fashion Fact Friday: Leg warmers

Posted by Natali on Nov 14th 2014

While we now know how to dress for the decade, why were fashionistas of the 1980s so obsessed with leg warmers? These comfortable accessories weren’t the most practical fashion statement, but th … read more

Dressing for the Decade: Totally 1980s Fashion

Posted by Natali on Nov 12th 2014

Princess Diana rocking the 1980’s shoulder pad look The Dressing for the Decade series continues with 1980s fashion, the epitome of big, over-the-top style. In this decade of excess and material … read more

Pretty In Plaid: How to Rock Vintage Plaid Prints

Posted by Natali on Nov 5th 2014

In the Scottish Highlands, plaid was used to distinguish between different clans. In the world of fashion, plaid has a whole new meaning. Vintage plaid prints have earned a place in the hearts of ever … read more

Dressing for the Decade: Glam 1970s Fashion

Posted by Natali on Oct 29th 2014

1970s fashion was as groovy as everything else about the decade. The hippie look from the 1960s carried over and new styles were introduced throughout the era. The style icons of the 1970s ranged from … read more